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Our office offers a full line of Nutritional supplements. Today’s poor diets and stresses don’t allow for adequate intake of all the nutrients our bodies need. Supplementation is critical!

Understanding the label will help you know if you are taking a quality supplement. Visit our office, try Nutrition Response Testing, and let Dr. Lawless help you determine a protocol of supplements that your body actually needs.

Some of the featured products at our office include:

Nutritional Supplements

Standard Process Supplements: We carry a full line of these whole food supplements. There are many different kinds of supplements on the market, and it can be very confusing to determine the true value of a supplement.

100 Complete: Top of the line Multi vitamin. VM 100 helps to neutralize damaging free radicals, contains antioxidants to protect on a cellular level, and contains the full spectrum of B vitamins for energy.

ACF/Children’s ACF: Acute Cold and Flu is designed to help reduce symptoms of cold and flu. Any time you get the feeling that you’re about to get sick, start the ACF and your body is on its way to getting better.

Aller Ease: Aller Ease is designed to provide fast relief from common allergens. It is formulated to help inhibit the release of histamine and to support the immune system’s response to allergens.

Xymogen Immune Essentials: Each Immune Essentials™ capsule features concentrated, naturally derived beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, plus standardized olive leaf extract and vitamin C as ascorbic acid. These ingredients support the body’s natural immune mechanisms to help maintain good health. This formula is designed to be taken short term.

Nutritional Frontiers Shakes: A variety of shake mixes that support healthy aging, fight fatigue or deliver fruits and veggies.

Nature’s Rite Sinus Care Products: Everything you need to: Rid yourself of a bad sinus infection, Prevent chronic sinusitis, and Maintain healthy sinuses.

Sovereign Silver: Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. A suspension of positively charged silver particles in pharmaceutical-grade purified water that offers the safest and most effective concentration silver supplement on the market.

At Home Therapies

Posture Pump Disc Hydrator: Avoid painful neck and back stiffness with breakthrough technology of Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression a registered trademark therapy patented by Posture Pump.  The Posture Pump, available at our office for the neck or lower back, decompresses and hydrates damaged discs while aligning vertebra into their natural curved shape. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to operate and travel with.

Tens Unit: Experience the transmission of mild electrical pulses through the skin to block pain signals traveling to the brain in the comfort of your own home. With a tens unit from our office you may be able to reduce or eliminate the amount of pain medications needed with pain relief that lasts for hours.  Our tens units are effective in relieving pain for many parts of the body - neck, back, sciatic, muscle, joint, carpal tunnel, arthritis, post surgical.

MyPillow Professional: A healthy, comfortable and adjustable pillow. The unique, patented design of MyPillow Professional keeps cervical vertebra straight and head supported. This non-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant pillow has a built-in cooling effect, is available in various sizes, is machine washable and dryable and never goes flat. This pillow comes with a 60 day free trial period and a 10 year warranty!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am so grateful for me and my family to be patients of Dr. Lawless. He helps us to feel well and balanced through his competent chiropractic care. He always gives a thorough whole-body adjustment. I appreciate that. Additionally, his office and staff are professional and timely. Dr. Lawless is kind, caring & shares his healing energy."

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